Soundcloud Music

Here are some links to music online. It has a very wide range striking from orchestral things through techno to very experimental sounds.

Milkyway Outcast” on Soundcloud

mix of things including some orchestral and soft slow ambient tracks under the moniker “Milkyway Outcast”:

Milkyway Outcast” aka ‘Narayan’ on Soundcloud

4/4 to the floor and techno under the moniker ‘Narayan’:

Milkyway Outcast” aka “Beulenmusik” on Soundcloud

very experimental under the moniker “Beulenmusik“:

“Hitch Haiko

a collaboration project with arthur brown (composing around his retrospective poem “Hitch Haiku”) under the moniker “Rigth Hand Of God”:

i hope you will have fun. let me know what you think.