Minimal Techno – New Ep

Minimal Techno.

Finest Minimal Techno by Milkyway Outcast.

The new EP “Tribal Pulse”

Tribal Pulse imagins a scenery in a stone age village. There is a fire in the middle of the village, a lot of smoke and a strange music. A static basic beat occasionally breaking out into percussive chaos.  Instruments seem to be used that are unknown on earth. The people around the fire are slowly rhythmically moving. The skin of the people is covered with ashes for the ritual.  Outside of the circle of the dancing is sitting the shaman of the village on the ground. He is surrounded  by even stranger figures. The music comes from there. These Strangers are playing the instruments.

The Strangers are visitors from a different world. There music is primitive.  Stripped down to the archaic elements. But the sound of the instruments is subtle and unheard on earth and has thrown the villagers arround the fire in a state of subtle excitement .

New EP out on all online shops.

Tribal Pulse

Milkyway Outcast Tribal Pulse Minimal Techno
Milkyway Outcast Tribal Pulse Minimal Techno

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