Avant Garde Film Score

Avant Garde Film Score

A little film score on youtube: Music for a avant garde film from 1906

Three artists collaborated on this avant garde film score:
- lucky one (Belgium): Musician and producer of electronic music
- Milkyway Outcast (Portugal): Musician and producer of electronic music
- Unidentified Sonic Attack (Belgium): Musician, sound engineer and Director

Revisiting one of the first science avent garde  films in history gave us the idea to make a little new music for it. The short film “Le Dirigeable Fantastique” by Georges Méliès, released in 1906 seemed for us to be a perfect media for combining the creatively used high tech of another aera with the  technologically latest sound possibilities of our times.

“Le Dirigeable Fantastique” by Georges Méliès is a silent film released in 1906. This 3-minute short film is black and white, and hand-colored. In his workshop, an inventor rejoices to have created the ‘ultimate’ airship. The inventor falls asleep and follows a disturbing dream populated by nymphs, sirens and demons, where his airship ‘shows’ itself in a different light …

Watch on youtube: Le Dirigeable Fantastique


Milkyway Outcast improvising a techno track on apc 40 and ableton live on youtube:

Watch on youtube: Silver is Gold