Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown – God of Hell Fire

you might know his song “Fire”?

I remember when i was a little boy i got hold of a casset tape with a recording of a sampler album, released by the east german record label “Amiga”.

Amongst a lot of the usual top hit stuff there was this song “Fire” which i listened over and over again on my russian casset player. Even as a boy i found this song incredible.  many years later i met the guy with this voice singing a version of this song at a campfire somewhere in the pirenease.

He came a long way from the Fire Helmet from the 60′s to the new mind control sound headset of 2014.

Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown to Reveal Thought Control Psycho Sonic Headgear
To Perform His New Album Live At Hard Rock Hell Festival


Arthur Brown vs Milkyway Outcast – “Hitch hike-ooh!”

“Hitch hike-ooh!” is a collaboration project between Arthur Brown and  Milkyway Outcast.

It is a retrospective poem of Arthur Brown which tells the story of his hitch hiking trip to germany in the late 50′s. Combined with the Music of Milkyway Outcast.

Here are some lines of the Poem:

“By the late 50′s the influence of the beat movement had begun to permeate Europe.

One of its effects when coupled with post war poverty , was a craze for hitch-hiking.

I myself went optimistically on the road on the first day of my seventeenth birthday, the year 1959.”

Arthur Brown, “Hitch hike-ooh!”